What Issues Are Commonly Addressed In Marriage Counseling?

With the stresses of juggling work, a family and keeping a home in order, even the closest married couples often begin to have trouble getting along. This is not uncommon, especially in homes where both the husband and the wife must work to make ends meet. A couple may genuinely love each other as much as when they first got married, but other issues in life can have a negative effect on their relationship.

Effectiveness Of Marriage Counseling For Troubled Marriages

Among the many problems that gnaw at marriages that fail is a lack of communication between a husband and wife. Rather than talking with each other about what irks both of you, you stop speaking to each other. You become angry and start to bicker and avoid one another. Sarcastic remarks are lobbed indirectly in passing. You can seek marriage counseling from a licensed marriage counselor, but you must jointly agree that you really want to save your marriage and agree to work toward that goal.

How To Manage A Mild Mental Illness

Mental illness can be a devastating situation that affects all parts of your life, including your relationships, your work performance, and your day-to-day experience. However, if your symptoms are mild enough, there are some things that you can do to make your life more comfortable without the need for a drastic lifestyle change. Here are some steps to taking care of a mental illness with the help of some medical professionals.

Divorce Mediation: Guide To Custody Between Same-Sex Marriages

Divorce is not easy, and it could get difficult if there are children involved, which could make things harder. Being same-sex parents presents you and your family with a whole new set of issues that modern courts are still trying to figure out. The following guide--with the help of your divorce mediator--will help you understand what you, your soon-to-be ex-spouse, and children might have to deal with. Working It Out

Important Information To Help You Choose The Right Inpatient Or Outpatient Psychiatric Facility For Your Adolescent

If your pre-teen or teenaged son or daughter requires psychiatric treatment, you are facing some major decisions very soon as to the most appropriate treatment option for them. About 20% of young people have a mental illness that can be accurately diagnosed and nearly one out of three adolescents suffers from depression. Choosing the right care for them can have a huge impact on their quality of life and eventual recovery.  What Are The Benefits Of Inpatient Psychiatric Care?