Effectiveness Of Marriage Counseling For Troubled Marriages

Among the many problems that gnaw at marriages that fail is a lack of communication between a husband and wife. Rather than talking with each other about what irks both of you, you stop speaking to each other. You become angry and start to bicker and avoid one another. Sarcastic remarks are lobbed indirectly in passing. You can seek marriage counseling from a licensed marriage counselor, but you must jointly agree that you really want to save your marriage and agree to work toward that goal.

Recognize Problems Early 

Learn to recognize early signs of problems in your marriage. Be aware when your marriage quickly erodes into physical slapping of each other. Understand that there is nothing unusual about having arguments in a marriage, but it is not acceptable to start hitting each other.

Attend Counseling Sessions As A Couple

You must attend the sessions together. Attending counseling together shows that you are committed to meeting the problems head on no matter how bad the relationship may be at the moment. You could end up arguing during counseling sessions, but that is not unusual. Your counselor will help you both through those angry moments.

Admit When You Are Wrong

If you are willing to engage in admitting when you have done something wrong that you know will irritate your spouse, this can get you back to a good working relationship when you attend sessions with your counselor. Your counselor's aim will be to help you get back to the kind of relationship wherein you talk to each other in good and bad times,

The pivotal point about changing the negatives in your relationship is when you easily agree that you've been contributing to a lot more of the problems in your marriage than you were willing to admit at first. That's healthy because it shows you are now willing to change the way you interact with your spouse. That's a positive that your marriage counselor will help you build on to help you reestablish a good relationship with each other.

Show Supportive Feelings

Remember that it helps your broken relationship when you show that you are supportive of each other. If you think that your spouse has not treated you right, then directly communicate that feeling and see what can be gained from having a discussion about this. Your spouse might have been having a bad day and may not have meant to hurt your feelings. Your trained counselor will be there to guide your interrelationship back onto a healthy marriage course.