Important Information To Help You Choose The Right Inpatient Or Outpatient Psychiatric Facility For Your Adolescent

If your pre-teen or teenaged son or daughter requires psychiatric treatment, you are facing some major decisions very soon as to the most appropriate treatment option for them. About 20% of young people have a mental illness that can be accurately diagnosed and nearly one out of three adolescents suffers from depression. Choosing the right care for them can have a huge impact on their quality of life and eventual recovery. 

What Are The Benefits Of Inpatient Psychiatric Care?

Inpatient psychiatric care is often necessary for a person with delusions or when it is not safe for them to be unattended. It could be necessary for as little as a few days.It is not unusual to spend some time in an inpatient program and then be discharged to outpatient care. 

Some of the most common reasons for adolescents to need inpatient psychiatric treatment include:

  • Symptomatic patients without a clear diagnosis 
  • Patients who have harmed or threatened to harm themselves 
  • Individuals who need to start, stop or adjust medications         

The decision to admit a teenager for inpatient care is one that should be made between the admitting physician, the family and if possible, the patient. Therefore, there are many different situations when it could be necessary, so the above list is only a few possible scenarios.

What Are The Cons of Inpatient Care?

The benefits of inpatient care should be weighed against the possible problems that it could cause. For example, some patients have acquired bad habits from other patient, including smoking, curing or even new ways to act out. It can also contribute to feelings of isolation or inadequacy since they are spending time in an unfamiliar environment without their existing social contacts. 

It will also be helpful to note that inpatient care is usually very expensive and may not always be covered in full by your insurance company. Inpatient psychiatric treatment for your child could easily leave you with an immense bill.

What Are The Benefits Of Outpatient Care?

Outpatient care includes a variety of different options. One-on-one and group therapy, as well as art and musical therapy, are all popular ways to restore mental health. Prescribing medication and then verifying that it is taken in the appropriate doses are also common attributes of inpatient care. Therefore, it is possible to avoid many of the problems associated with inpatient care. 

Because your son or daughter will not be spending 24 hours a day for an indefinite period of time at a facility, your costs will be lower. Many patients can go in for an hour or two as little as one day a week, although some patients may spend most of their day there as well. The diagnosis, severity of symptoms and overall psychiatric condition will determine how often they need to go to the facility.

In conclusion, choosing the best facility to treat your son or daughter's mental illness is an enormous decision with far-reaching consequences. Although your child deserves the best care possible, it is not always necessary for them to go into an inpatient program. Instead, consider the financial savings and less intrusive benefits offered by an outpatient adolescent psychiatric treatment facility.