Do You Need Adult ADHD Counseling?

If you are an adult with ADHD, then you can benefit from adult ADHD counseling. This is a type of counseling that can help you be more functional in your own head and can give you lots of reassurance that you're doing all the right things for your mental health and neuro-divergent way your brain works. Whether you are newly diagnosed with adult ADHD or you have had it your whole life and you are wanting to have more control of your adult life and challenges, adult ADHD counseling can work well for you.

Want To Have A Successful Telehealth Therapy Session? Here's What You Should Do

Online counseling has continued to be more popular in most parts of the country and also worldwide. For this reason, most patients prefer to book a telehealth therapy appointment because of its numerous benefits. Telehealth is virtual or online therapy where the patient and therapist use online chats or video conferencing for their therapy sessions. Here, you just require a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, a reliable internet connection, and a secure online platform.

Are You Swiping Your Life Away? Therapy Can Help You Prevent And Control Social Media Addiction

When you think about the dangers of addictive behavior, you may not think about social media. However, social media addiction can be destructive, as it can put stress on relationships, interfere with sleep, and cause you to isolate yourself from others. Going to therapy can help you learn to manage your social medial use so it does not monopolize your life. Getting honest If you enjoy spending time on social media, it is not always easy to admit you are spending hours swiping and scrolling.

2 Things You Can Donate To Support A Child Welfare Cause

Unfortunately, countless children go without the basic necessities in life. Perhaps the saddest thing about it is that these kids are often the victims of child abuse and/or neglect or other unfair circumstances.  There are many things most people take for granted that could make a world of difference to these children. If you're looking for a child welfare cause to support, here are two things you can donate to help make a difference.

4 Key Reasons To Hire A Family Therapist

When it comes to family life, things can get pretty complicated. From sibling rivalry to parent-child dynamics, navigating the waters of family life can be tricky. That's where a family therapist can help. Family therapists are experts in helping families work through their issues and build better relationships. If you're considering hiring a family therapist, here are some reasons why you should do so.  They Can Help Improve Communication Within Families