Are You Stressed Before Your Wedding? Start Couples Therapy Today

If things are getting tense between you and your partner before your wedding, and you find yourselves in a lot of fights and disagreements, it may be wise to seek out couples therapy options. This will allow you to get through this stressful time, and it can set you up for a better marriage.

Studies have proven that when emotionally-focused therapy is used, therapy is 75 percent effective. This could be a great way to improve your life and the mental health of both you and your partner. Here are some things that will experience in therapy.

Learn to Work Through Disagreements

In therapy, you'll learn to work through the disagreements that you'll have in the future during the rest of your engagement, and throughout your marriage. This allows you to stop little disagreements before they turn into big problems, and to stop issues before they become big fights.

The therapist can also give you tips and techniques on how to stay calm when upset, how to communicate that you're upset, and how to minimize stress in your life. This will make working through disagreements easier.

Discuss Future Issues

There are a lot of problems that arise throughout a marriage. Discussing lifetime expectations in couples therapy before you walk down the aisle is important. The things you can discuss in therapy include:

  • Potential children
  • Financial expectations
  • Where to live
  • Familial obligations like holidays

You want to know that you both have the same lifetime goals and expectations and that there aren't any major concerns you disagree about before you decide to legally bind yourself together for the future.

Work on Yourself

The therapist may want to work with each of you individually, based on your past life experiences and personalities. There may be work that the both of you should do on yourselves, that will help you be a better couple. If you have anything that you think you need to work through, talk with the therapist about individual sessions outside of your couple sessions.

Talk with your health insurance company to see if they cover the cost of therapy. You want to find a therapist that works on couples counseling, and therapy for those that want to spend a lifetime together. Don't waste any time wishing that you could get through the arguments that are stressing you before your big day. Talk to your partner and find a couples therapist today.

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