Three Tips For Using Technology To Get Sober

With over 100,000 people each year dying from some kind of alcohol related cause, it is important that those suffering from alcoholism get the necessary treatment they need. With the help of technology, those seeking out help for their addiction may be able to obtain treatment and inspiration that they would not be able to find without it. Technology has many benefits to it in just your daily life, but when it comes to overcoming your addiction to alcohol, you can use technology to help you do this in a number of ways. It is cheap, very accessible, and available whenever you need it. Here are some ways you can use technology to deal with alcoholism. 

Download an App

About two thirds of Americans own a smartphone and have the ability to download apps on their phone. When it comes to your journey of recovery, there are numerous recovery apps available for download on your smartphone. These recovery apps can do everything from finding you a local addiction recovery group to providing you tips and inspiration to get you through each day. Even better, you can use an app to help you keep track of how long you have been sober to help encourage you on your journey. 

Connect with Others

Social media is a great way to connect with family and friends who will help by providing support. Even those who are not living close by can still be a part of your journey with the help of social media. When you need a little extra support, you can contact them through social media regardless of how far away they may live. Having a great group of supporters can encourage you and hold you accountable when you feel like taking a drink. 

Stay Organized

Overcoming addiction can involve a lot of paperwork and appointments. In order to better keep up with all that you have going on, there are many different programs online to help do this. You can keep an online calendar to help maintain times and dates for any recovery meetings, appointments with healthcare providers, and more. Staying organized will help prevent a lot of anxiety. When you are anxious, you may be much more likely to drink. Preventing anxiety will help keep you in a more stable mood. 

Just as technology can help overcome your addiction to alcohol, you also want to make sure it doesn't hinder your recovery. When you do see others partying and enjoying alcohol, you want to be careful that it doesn't make it cause you to stumble. Additionally, you do not want to trade one addiction for another by becoming addicted to technology. Learn when technology can help and when it is time to give it a break for a while. Contact a business, such as the Counseling Center of Illinois, for more information.