Marriage Woes? 3 Reasons Why Group Counseling Might Be The Answer

Marriage is a fundamental social norm in today's society. Unfortunately, statistics show that 40% to 50% of married couples will ultimately divorce. If your marriage has hit a rough patch, you may be considering counseling from a place like Albano Fischetti Counseling to help address communication or intimacy problems. While a relationship consists of only two people, it may be beneficial for you to participate in group counseling when trying to save your marriage.

Here are three reasons why group counseling can be beneficial for couples.

1. Group counseling can help you put your own problems into perspective.

When you participate in group counseling, you have the opportunity to hear about the struggles other couples face in their relationships. Hearing about the problems plaguing other couples can help put your own issues into perspective.

It can be easy to assume that your problems are too difficult to overcome, but being able to see other couples making progress toward overcoming similar issues can motivate you and your partner to work out your differences.

2. Group counseling allows you to receive an impartial opinion from your peers.

Many individuals within struggling marriages suffer from a phenomenon known as tunnel vision, which means that they are only able to see their own desires rather than the desires of their partner. By participating in group counseling sessions, you will have the opportunity to receive the opinions of your peers.

The honest opinions of your peers can help you shake your own tunnel vision, and more clearly see the changes you need to make as an individual. Taking responsibility for your actions by focusing on yourself rather than your partner can help strengthen your marriage in the future.

3. Group counseling provides social support.

Studies show that 20% of people suffer from chronic loneliness, with 62.5% of those individuals being in a committed relationship. When you factor in the fact that marriage problems can make you feel even more isolated, the need for social support during rough patches in your marriage becomes evident.

Group counseling can provide you with the social support you need. Since the other couples in your group are facing similar problems you may discover it's easier to find understanding and support in a group counseling setting.

Both you and your spouse must be willing to work together if your marital issues are going to be resolved. Participating in group therapy can be beneficial in allowing you to gain a more realistic perspective of your relationship. Group counseling will allow you to gain new perspective on your problems, overcome tunnel vision, and find the social support you need to get through marital problems.